Various Things is a collection of conversations with folks going against the grain to do awesome things, hosted by Gary Llama.
SEASON 4 EPISODE 2 #podcast

Jeff Grant

Musician / Co-Owner of Hopscotch Coffee

We first talked with musician Jeff Grant in 2014 about making music and running his record label. However, since that time, Jeff has gone on to co-found the Hopscotch Coffee shop in Bloomington, Indiana, and become a father. So I called up Jeff to find out more about his business, and life as a musician, business owner, and father.

SEASON 4 EPISODE 1 #podcast



This episode is with BCMusic1st. BC is a multi-talented artist, a hip hop artist, who, with his traditional undertanding of hip-hop, has addapted his life to mold into the traditional four elements of hip hop. As both a musician, and a videographer, he brings a ton of creativity to the table and his work can be seen and heard in many of the releases coming out of the Richmond hip hop community. So today, we talk with BC about how he approaches each art, his history in making culture, and how he approaches these things not only as a rap fan, but also as a father.

SEASON 3 EPISODE 7 #podcast

Andrew Clarke

Co-Owner of 821 Cafe / Musician

For a while now, Andrew Clarke has been the co-owner of 821 Cafe, a unique, and popular restaraunt here in Richmond. I say uniqe, because it is one of the few places in the city that has such a divere crowd. You will see a family, next to a punk rocker, next to a VCU student, next to a bar regular. And the place gets busy. So I wanted to talk to Andrew, who I met growing up, and who I played in a band with when I was younger, about how he got into the food business, why he decided to do the cafe, and what’s it like running such a busy thing as both a parent and musician.

SEASON 3 EPISODE 6 #podcast

Tim Towslee

Teacher / Thinker

Tim Towslee has lead an interesting life, from working at record stores, to roadeying for touring bands, to learning other trades like barbering, or working at a tattoo shop. But it was his drive for learning, and his realization of the issues in the public education system that drove him to what he spends most of his time on, teaching. In this episode, we talk with Tim about how he got into punk culture, how he decided to become a teacher, how the process of developing knowledge occurs in the school system, and I get his thoughts on things like attention in a social media culture, and on the rise of ‘alternative facts’. This was definetly just a sliver of what Tim and I can talk about, and I plan on having him back in the future for a part two.

SEASON 3 EPISODE 5 #podcast

Freeman Martin

Artist / Musician

For some folks, punk rock is more than a genre, it’s their way of life. For the past twenty years, that calling, to make music, do things yourself, and connect with a community has been heard by todays guest, freeman martin. As the singer in a number of bands, and as a tattoo artist, freeman has left his mark on a lot of things in richmond. But also, he’s a collector of these things. So I was excited to get to talk with him, about making music, culture, and life, which threw him a curveball three years ago, to which he took that punk attitude and overcame. Freeman can be found tattoing at Saunders Tattoo, and you can hear his latest band, park sparrows, at